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Weekly Specials

Ella's At The Airport features different dishes every week as our specials. The specials consist of some personal favorites as well as dishes created from seasonal ingredients.


Ruby red grape, roasted fennel, sweet red onion, toasted almonds & chevre vinaigrette with organic baby spinach & wild arugula


Sandwich (till 2:30)

Black forest ham, roasted oyster mushrooms, caramelized onion, wild arugula, swiss cheese & dijon spread on sliced nine-grain bread 



Cremini mushrooms, fresh jalapeno, green onion, Greek oregano, gruyere & French feta with Ella's marinara



Ricotta ravioli, Italian sausage, roasted butternut, fresh sage, melted leeks & browned butter sauce




Porcini mushroom encrusted seared Ahi tuna with oyster mushroom, gruyere risotto, drizzled with zesty lemon picatta


Kombucha on tap: "OG Cola: - fermented black tea that's good for digestion & keeping you healthy!


Ella's Entree
Ella's Entree
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